How to…

Navigate the website


Click one of the blue location markers on the map to see a 360º view of the location and hear part of the composition

Or read more about each of the Music for a Busy City composers


Turn up the volume (best experienced through headphones)


Drag the mouse around the screen for a 360º view of the location.

Find the locations

There are six Music for a Busy City locations around Manchester. They’re marked on our online map and listed on the composers page.

You can hear the music from 8am to 8pm every day from Friday 30 June until Sunday 16 July – just look out for the green Music for a Busy City signs in each location. Each piece plays once every hour: the map and the composers page show the times.

We’ve put together three walking routes so you can hear some or all of the pieces in succession. Check out the online map and pick a route – or simply find and follow the music in your own time. Happy listening.