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What-is-matt-damon-s-accent-in-the-great-wall, the great wall is a ridiculous movie about matt damon joining an army of chinese soldiers to fight off dragon-like creatures rapidly encroaching on their shit. it's getting mostly negative reviews .... When the great wall was announced with matt damon portraying the lead character, many expressed criticism of hollywood ‘whitewashing.’but now that the movie is out and the plot has been revealed, the casting of zhang yimou’s latest film is explained within the context of the story., ‘the great wall’ star matt damon on making up that accent and getting archery tips from youtube. kevin polowy. senior correspondent, yahoo entertainment. february 17, 2017..

Why does every big hollywood actor feel the need to absolutely butcher the irish accent. one of the most recent irish accent attempts came from sienna miller in live by night and it received an indifferent reaction online.. matt damon has become the latest super famous actor to attempt the accent in his new film the great wall., the westerners, led by damon with an ridiculous beard and a truly, truly ridiculous accent, are just in time to witness the ancient purpose of the great wall: keeping out the herd of timorous ....

For starters, a number of critics were distracted by matt damon's bad accent in "the great wall", “the great wall” is an equal-opportunity offender, the product of a questionable commercial alliance that could benefit from facing down a green alien greed lesson of its own.. The great wall was meant to be the great hope. with matt damon in a leading role and yimou zhang directing, this was a blockbuster that would bridge two cultures, cement china as a coming force and open more doors for hollywood in what is the fastest-growing film didn't work out quite as planned. and it’s not because the great wall is a bad film., directed by yimou zhang. with matt damon, tian jing, willem dafoe, andy lau. in ancient china, a group of european mercenaries encounters a secret army that maintains and defends the great wall of china against a horde of monstrous creatures..

‘the great wall’ is one of the worst-reviewed films of matt damon’s career matt damon as william garin in "the great wall." –jasin boland/legendary pictures and universal pictures

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